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At PCIS we represent our clients, not an insurance carrier.  Our clients view us as their employee benefits manager and carrier liaison.  PCIS can be utilized as a benefits information source and as a resource to assist in resolving benefits issues and problems.  Our aim at PCIS is to insure that our clients are protected with a comprehensive benefits program to reduce the financial risk they may incur should a natural or unforeseen circumstance arise in the future. 

Our normal approach with a new client is to evaluate their existing benefits program and with the new client’s input, customize a new benefits program.  We will make every effort to assure the benefits program meets the budget criteria and desires of the new client. 

In the process of preparing benefit quotes, we evaluate all available carriers to determine which carriers have the best plan coverage and rates to meet the needs of the client. 

When all benefit plans have been selected, we assist with the completion & submission of necessary applications and provide benefits communication with the client.  Benefits communication insures the client understands and appreciates the benefits program they have selected.  This process is repeated during each annual open enrollment.  PCIS assists the client with benefits modifications when ever there are any family status changes throughout the year.


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